Fender Eliminator Kits May Raise Safety Concerns

By January 28, 2010 February 10th, 2018 Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Many motorcycle riders are purchasing fender eliminator kits to modify their motorcycles. Although motorcycles come standard from the manufacturers, it is still possible to add accessories to the bike to make them personalized. Many people who ride motorcycles like to modify the bikes to make them unique and make them look different. They enjoy tinkering and re-vamping their bikes, and often go to great lengths to have an original looking motorcycle when the process is finished.

The manufacturers of fender eliminator kits cater to those people interested in changing the look of their bikes. These kits are for use to take off fenders or modify existing fenders to give the bikes a “cleaner” look in the rear. Some bike enthusiasts do not like the pointy rear fenders that come standard on some motorcycles. They depend on the kits to modify their bikes the way that they prefer them to look. They use the kits to change the look of their bikes for either personal preference or for performance. But by taking off the fender, they are also taking off the tail lights on their motorcycle. Many kits have accessories and adaptations that are still considered legal in many states, but they are modifying the way that a driver would be able to see the tail lights of a bike in the distance per having been modified with a fender eliminator kit.

There are ways to modify motorcycles and still utilize the appropriate tail lights. Talking to a professional is the best way to guarantee that the motorcycle is still safe to use on the road after any modification to the frame. Some kits take off the license plates and modify where the plate will go after the kit is installed. Whether there is a license plate that it utilized with signals or lights on it, or adding LED lights as replacement signals, it is important to discuss these options with professionals. These people who work on motorcycles every day in their stores and shops, know what to do to professionally modify a bike. They can give the best result to get the desired look to the rear of a motorcycle.

Since many accidents do occur from a motorcycle being hit from the sides or from the front, it will be important to check that the signals are not affected by any changes that are made to the rear. If a motorist is unable to see that a person on a motorcycle has stopped in traffic up ahead, the driver of the vehicle is at a greater risk of running into the motorcycle from behind. This is an unsafe situation and should be avoided if possible. By the same token, if a motorist is approaching a four way stop, and cannot see the brake lights or turn signals of a motorcyclist who has modified a fender, then there is a higher likelihood that there may be an accident as a result.

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