What Can I Expect from My Wrongful Death Lawyer?

The loss of a family member or loved one is never easy – even when it happens peacefully as the result of old age. When the death is caused by the negligence of another, it can be a time of sadness, anger, confusion, denial and frustration. It can also be scary. In many cases, the surviving family members were dependant on the decedent for financial, household or emotional support. Losing someone unexpectedly can create fear of the future along with the sadness of today. While a wrongful death lawsuit will not bring back your loved one, it can help ease your fear of the future as well as hold the negligent party responsible.

State law will determine who is entitled to file as the claimant in a wrongful death lawsuit. In most cases, the spouse and immediate family members are entitled to file as a claimant. Check with a wrongful death lawyer to ascertain whether you are entitled to file as a claimant. Once you have determined that you may file as a claimant, the nest step is to obtain the services of a wrongful death lawyer to represent you in the lawsuit. The purpose of a wrongful death lawsuit is to compensate the surviving family members for their loss. Your wrongful death lawyer will carefully evaluate both the circumstances that led to the death of your loved one as well as your circumstances prior to the death. The reason for this is that your wrongful death lawyer must first prove that the defendant was negligent and that the negligence caused or contributed to the death of your loved one. Once negligence has been established, your wrongful death lawyer must fight to get you the compensation to which you are entitled.

Once your wrongful death lawyers has determined who the negligent party (or parties) was in the death of your loved one, he will file an official legal action against the wrongdoer. Each case is unique and the amount of time that a wrongful death case will take will depend on the individual facts of your case. During the process, however, your wrongful death lawyer will determine what the value of your case should be. The value of your case will depend on a number of factors including the earning capacity and potential of the decedent, the age and general health of the decedent at the time of death, the relationship between you and the decedent and the circumstances surrounding the decedent’s death. You will work closely with your wrongful death lawyer to make sure that you receive all the compensation to which you are legally entitled.

Filing a wrongful death lawsuit cannot change the loss you have suffered, but with the help of a wrongful death lawyer you may be able to receive compensation that can assist you and your family in the months and years to come as well as make sure the negligent party is held accountable for his actions.

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