When in an Accident Call the Car Accident Lawyer California

By January 10, 2015 December 24th, 2017 Attorney-Lawyer

Being in an accident can be the most traumatic event in life. Even when the injuries are minor and the damage reparable, the effect it has on the mind cannot be truly compensated. When a group of my friends including me set out for an outing to the countryside, we did not what was coming our way. We were all prepared and in a joyful mood. One would think when a group of teenagers are together they would chuck every care in the world. Yet this was not the case. One of our very experienced driver friends was at the wheel when the accident took place. And as many times we have driven with him I could say that he was a very cautious driver. Yet sometimes it’s the fault of someone else that we have to bear. So when another driver powerfully tailgated our car, I knew it was time to call a car accident lawyer California.

As soon as the impact took place, my friend lost his temper and began to argue with the reckless driver. Fortunately, no one was heard but the car had undergone a good amount of damage. We had to stop our friend and bring him to senses to explain that we would have to claim the compensation and he yelling anything untoward could hugely damage our chances. It was a good thing that another friend knew just the right auto accident lawyer California. We quickly contacted him and conveyed our problems.

The same day we paid a visit and found that we would be able to avail their free first consultation. This was really handy for us to get an idea about the damage, compensation and problems we were entailed to. Finally we decided to elect him to represent us legally. He informed us that we would have to detail each and everything that happened to be able to file a lawsuit and claim an adequate compensation. We had a mountain of distraction in front of us. From traffic citations, insurance claims, traffic courts, auto repair expenses and medical bills all need adequate attention. It was only possible to navigate out of this mess because of the assistance of our proficient lawyer.

He also recommended us not to worry about legal complications that could arise down the road. We were fortunate enough to have their assistance and expert advice throughout our experience. When we filed the insurance claim the insurance company tried to rat out of the negotiation by denying the liability but our lawyer explained that we had a right to the claim regardless of whoever’s fault it was.

I am happy to mention that my friend got the maximum possible compensation that he deserved. We are really grateful to our lawyer and his law firm who made sure that we did not go through anymore of a traumatic experience. Thanks to them for coming to our aid. I recommend them to anyone in need of the best car accident lawyer California.