What to Do If You Have Been Involved in A California Motorcycle Accident

By February 8, 2011 April 1st, 2018 Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There are millions of motorcycles riding on America’s roadways every year and a large number of them are found in California. Not surprisingly as California has some of the most scenic road trips available for an avid biker. Anyone that rides a bike knows that the risk of an accident is always a concern. Although valiant efforts have been made in the past couple of decades to educate other motorists about the presence of motorcycles, studies show that motorists are still shamefully unaware of motorcycles on the roadway. As a result, motorcycles are still over-represented in collisions. Although they represent only about two percent of all vehicles on the road, they are involved in about eight percent of all collisions. Each motorcycle accident is unique and therefore presents a different set of circumstances, but California motorcycle accident attorney Emery Ledger of Ledger & Associates offers the following advice for what to do after a motorcycle accident.

1. Get yourself clear of the roadway if possible. If you are able to easily get clear of the roadway you should do so immediately. Secondary accidents are frequent. People may not be able to stop in time to avoid the wreck that just happened or they may be too busy gawking to avoid a secondary collision. When a motorcycle is involved there is a heightened risk of a secondary collision as motorcycles are harder to see on the roadway. Do not worry about your bike! For most bikers their bike is a prized possession and the instinct to try an save your bike may be great but your bike is not worth your life. Your bike can be moved when help arrives.

2. Have a thorough medical examination done immediately. Many times a victim may not realize he has been injured and refuses medical attention. Not only is this a bad idea from a medical perspective but from a legal one as well. Although you may think you have only suffered road rash, you could be suffering from serious internal damage that may be life-threatening. Only a complete medical examination can determine the extent of your injuries. Additionally, when it comes time for your motorcycle accident attorney to negotiate your settlement he must prove that any injuries you have are the direct result of the accident. The closer in time to the accident that you are diagnosed with those injuries the stronger your legal case will be when the time comes to settle or try the case.

3. Gather witness information if possible. If you are able to get the names and contact numbers for anyone that saw the accident before you are transported to the hospital or before you leave the scene you should do so. Although a police report may have that information, it is frequently incomplete or missing altogether.

4. Get two or three estimates for the damages to your bike. Once you are able, get estimates for the repairs needed on your bike. Bring those with you to your meeting with your attorney. In most cases, your motorcycle accident attorney can get you compensation to repair your motorcycle quickly – before your case has been resolved.

5. Contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. If the accident was not your fault – and the majority of the time it is NOT the fault of the biker – then you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries you have suffered. Only an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can evaluate the specific facts of your case to determine whether you are entitled to compensation and what the value of your case is.

If you have been involved in a California motorcycle accident and would like a free and detailed evaluation of your case, please contact motorcycle accident attorney Emery Ledger of Ledger & Associates at 1-800-300-0001 or visit him online at www.ledgerlaw.com

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