What Should I Do If I Was Involved In A Pedestrian Accident?

By January 31, 2010 February 9th, 2018 Pedestrian Accident Attorney

If I was injured in a pedestrian accident, how do I know if I have a personal injury claim?

Whether you walk for pleasure, fitness or necessity, walking should be a peaceful and safe activity. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. If you were injured in a pedestrian accident case, you are not alone. Statistics show that someone dies in a pedestrian accident about every 111 minutes and someone else is injured about every 8 minutes. What makes pedestrian accidents even more dangerous are the potential for injuries. Clearly, the human body doesn’t stand much of a chance when struck by a moving vehicle. Sadly, injuries sustained as a result of a pedestrian accident are frequently much more severe than those sustained in other types of accidents. Spinal injury, brain trauma and internal injuries are just a few of the common injuries sustained in a pedestrian accident.

So how do you know if you have a valid personal injury claim? If your claim has merit, how can you proceed with your claim to get compensated by the responsible party? The most important thing you can do following a pedestrian accident is contact an experienced pedestrian accident attorney. Only an experienced attorney can answer all your questions in detail and provide you with advice as to how to proceed with your claim. Furthermore, only an experienced pedestrian accident attorney knows what questions to ask you and how to evaluate the answers given.

If you were struck by a motorcycle, car, truck or bus, there is a good chance that you may have a personal injury claim. Most pedestrian accidents are caused by the negligence of another party. Was the person who struck you driving over the speed limit? Was the person that struck you driving too fast for the road conditions? Was the person that struck you intoxicated? Did they fail to turn on their headlights and the accident happened at night? Was the person weaving out of his lane? What about the road conditions? Were there sidewalks for pedestrians to walk on? Was there an island in the middle of high traffic areas for pedestrians to seek shelter on? Was the lighting adequate? All of these questions, and many more, lead to factors that need to be explored in order to determine who was negligent (at fault) in your accident. Negligence is a very complicated concept and who may be held accountable for negligence is equally complex. Once you and your attorney have determined who was responsible for your accident, then you can proceed with a legal strategy for you to recover damages (usually monetary compensation) for the injuries you suffered as a result of their negligence.

Remember, only an experienced pedestrian personal injury lawyer can tell you whether you have a valid personal injury claim and advise you how you can recover damages for the injuries you have suffered.

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