What is a "Wrongful" Death?

By December 31, 2009 February 16th, 2018 Blog | Wrongful Death Lawyer

The definition of wrongful death is a claim against a person who can be held liable for another person’s death. This may sound like a lot of legal speak if you are the one who has lost a loved one. It might be hard for you to even imagine that someone is responsible for the death of the person you cared about and that you might be entitled to compensation for that loss. However, in this dark hour is exactly when you need to evaluate how your loss will effect your daily life and your financial well being. When you lose someone who contributes to your family you not only lose their companionship but you also lose the provisions that their income or personal contribution makes to your family.

At this time your might not be thinking of your loss in financial terms. But, sadly that is what you must do. You have to assess what your loss will do to the financial state of your life and the lives of each member of your family. Was your loved one the sole breadwinner or were they the caretaker that allowed you to go out and earn a living? Will the loss cause you to miss work as you recover or are there medical bills and pain or suffering whose cost you deserve to have recovered? No one wants to think about these things in the midst of funeral planning and sadness, which is why a qualified wrongful death lawyer is your best option.

It is difficult, and probably painful, to put a number to the amount your loved one contributes to your life. We do not like to think of people as assets or losses, but in the long term the pain of losing someone is compounded with financial strain. This is why you should hire a lawyer. Lawyers have the ability to remove themselves from the personal aspects of a court proceeding. They are not grieving like you and your family are from the loss of a loved one. As a third party they have the ability to evaluate your situation and move forward to determine whom is responsible and how much you are entitled as compensation for your loss. Lawyers know that it might not feel good to ask for money after the death of someone you love. But, in the long term that money will be needed to help your family cover medical and funeral expenses or pay a mortgage or school tuition that would have been covered by the deceased salary. These are all unfortunate things to think about, this is why you hire a lawyer who can help you navigate through this difficult time.

By hiring a lawyer you give yourself time to grieve and deal with your loss. Your lawyer from Ledger Law will be a trained professional who knows how to deal with the responsible party. They understand the laws that govern wrongful death suits. Call 800-300-9001 so Ledger Law can give you the peace of mind you need so you and your family can move forward, at least financially through this difficult and stressful time.