What are the common causes of 18 wheeler truck accidents?

By January 21, 2016 December 26th, 2017 Attorney-Lawyer

Big trucks like 18 wheeler are an important part of our economy. They carry goods across the country all day and night, delivering much-needed products rapidly.

Unfortunately, those 18 wheelers can also cause considerable damage if in an accident. Not only are the trucks themselves heavy and powerful, but the cargo they carry can also be dangerous and cause harm.

A skilled 18 wheeler accident attorney is important if you are involved in a crash with one of these big rigs. Your 18 wheeler accident lawyer will review your case and recommend a wise course of action against the truck driver, trucking company or truck manufacturer.

Your 18 wheeler accident attorney knows the case law and can advise you on the likelihood of a settlement if appropriate.

There are many different causes to 18 wheeler accidents. Among the most common are:

  • Distracted driving caused by talking on the phone, texting, reading, or being lost in thought.
  • Drunk or impaired driving, which is a frightening given the damage that 18 wheelers can cause.
  • Fatigue, which can lead to failure to stop at lights or stop signs, falling asleep at the wheel, or failing to check blind spots or signal when changing lanes.
  • Improper passing, such as passing in a no-passing zone, without double-checking blind spots, without a turn signal, at an intersection, in a construction zone, or with limited visibility on a two-lane road.
  • Improper lane changes, such as in no-passing zones or when using lanes not allowable for trucks. Other lane-change accidents occur when 18 wheelers change lanes frequently in heavy traffic, weave between slower vehicles, or don’t signal or check blind spots.
  • Speeding, which can result in hydroplaning, decreased reaction time, loss of control, inability to stop at an intersection or light, skidding or inability to brake in time,
  • Reckless or aggressive driving, such as tailgating, not using turn signals, slamming on brakes quickly, or not using turn signals.

Poor maintenance on the part of the truck driver or truck owner can also lead to 18 wheeler accidents. Poorly maintained tires can result in low tread which lengthens safe braking distance and stability, unbalanced tires, and the risk of tread separating and striking other vehicles. Brake issues, such as worn-out brake pads, old brake fluid, warped rotors, worn brake linings, and rusty or sticky shoe adjusters can have dire consequences.

Trailers need maintenance too. Without proper inspection and care, hitches can break or come undone, axles can break, tires can wear down and wiring can fail.

While these are unnerving things to consider, accidents do happen. Having a skilled 18 wheeler accident lawyer on your side can make a big difference.

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