UPDATE: Baby Tossed From Fourth Story Dies, Father Defends Mother

By August 25, 2011 January 6th, 2018 Blog | Wrongful Death Lawyer, Case Of The Week

We reported Tuesday about the tragic turn of events that took place at the parking garage adjacent to the Orange County Children’s Hospital. Inexplicably, a mother of a seven-month old infant tossed her child from the fourth story of the garage where it landed on the sidewalk below. Onlookers rushed to the scene, reported the events and the baby was immediately rushed to the hospital just yards away.

The baby managed to survive for about a day and a half before it sadly passed away on Wednesday from trauma and injuries sustained in the fall. The mother, who was previously charged with attempted murder, is now facing murder charges. Many in the legal community are speculating that her chronic post-partum depression will play a part in her defense as she was hospitalized earlier this year for psychiatric complications after giving birth.

The baby’s father, husband of the suspect, has stood by his wife and defended her to the media- asking that the public not rush to judge her as she was suffering from debilitating mental health issues. The two have been married for over 13 years and the husband insists that this behavior is unlike anything he has ever seen.

As facts emerge surrounding the incident Monday, it is clear that the woman was suffering from some sort of mental health crisis as she actually returned into the hospital facility to have her parking validated after tossing her young son from the garage. In the meantime, the father had reported the mother and child missing from the home after the mother absconded with the baby. The father knew to keep a watchful eye on her and not to leave her alone with the child.

The mother appeared in court on Wednesday but did not enter a plea. Onlookers describe the woman as nervous and remained in her holding cell- likely communicating with the court via closed-circuit television.