Uninsured Motorists Make Biker’s Injury Claim Harder to Collect says Motorcycle Accident Attorney

By March 31, 2010 January 25th, 2018 Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been in an accident with your ride and discovered later that the other guy was an uninsured motorist, this does tend to make things a bit more difficult to collect when it comes to claims. Note I said a little more difficult, “not” impossible. As a motorcycle accident attorney, there are ways to deal with situations like this, and I will discuss them with you if you happen to be in my office because you were involved in a smash up.

Yes, you’re right; driving without car insurance/motorcycle insurance is illegal. However, that doesn’t stop some people from doing just that, hitting the road without insurance. I have seen many cases as a motorcycle accident attorney that just make me shake my head at what some people try to get away with when it comes to operating a vehicle illegally. It’s a privilege to drive, not a right, and those who abuse that by driving without insurance are a menace looking for an accident.

The whole point behind insurance is that it’s designed to protect the owner of the vehicle and others if they are involved in a crash. You don’t need a motorcycle accident attorney to tell you that, as it’s the law of the land and common knowledge and those who opt to not carry insurance are being reckless.

For those that may not be too up on what insurance is supposed to accomplish, it boils down to this: if you are the one who caused the accident (the at fault party) damage is covered by your insurance and this protects you from being sued personally for the accident. On the other hand, if you were in an accident and the “other” driver is the at fault party, their insurance will cover your injuries/damages so you don’t pay out any money or choose to file a lawsuit by hiring a motorcycle accident attorney.

That takes care of two parties who do happen to have insurance. They can generally cover their own damages in a no-fault crash (if applicable) or cover the other person’s damages if they were at fault. When it comes to a motorcycle accident with an uninsured motorist, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in medical expenses and damages to your ride. So what do you do?

My job as a motorcycle accident attorney is to outline that you can have your own insurance pay for your injuries, but you will generally get stuck with having to pay out a lot of out of pocket expenses when you hit your insurance limit. Plus, making a claim on your own insurance, in most instances, causes a hike in your premiums. Rather sounds like being between a rock and a hard place doesn’t it? If you haven’t been in an accident yet…don’t delay….call your insurance agent and make certain you purchase as much uninsured motorist coverage as the agency will sell. Maximize this coverage…it is critical if you are injured by an uninsured driver.

Don’t give up. My experience as a motorcycle accident attorney will serve you well, because even though you can’t file a claim for injuries/damages against the uninsured motorist’s insurance because they don’t have any, you can (and many people have) sue the driver personally. This means a civil lawsuit and this is something a skilled motorcycle accident attorney will handle with ease.

The case would be based on facts that you can prove, that the other driver caused the accident and is therefore liable for your accident related costs. Should the courts agree with the argument, the uninsured motorist is ordered to pay you fair compensation for pain and suffering, property damage, lost wages and medical expenses, etc.

If you’ve been in an accident involving an uninsured driver, come see me and we’ll talk about what we need to do in a situation like this. My years of experience as a motorcycle accident attorney will benefit you in getting fair compensation.