If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of the misconduct, negligence or malice of another, you should call us today. Many personal injury claims carry a statute of limitations of two years. Two years after the date of your incident you will no longer be able to make your claim. For this reason, you should never hesitate if you have been the victim of a personal injury.

Many personal injuries take the form of car accidents. Quite often, drivers are distracted, exceeding the speed limit or intoxicated while on the roadway. This sort of behavior is unacceptable and if you have been injured by someone while driving, you should assert your rights. Text messaging and driving has become a very common occurrence as of late and is resulting in the overabundance of car accidents as a result of distracted drivers. You should not have to use your own resources to pay for the medical bills and insurance premiums associated with a car accident with another negligent driver. That driver should compensate you for your losses. The American justice system is set up to allow plaintiffs to recover with is rightfully theirs.

Another common personal injury claim involves “slip and fall” while on the premises of a store or other private establishment. Stores have a duty to protect shoppers against the unreasonable risk of harm. They must inspect their establishment to ensure that it is safe for consumers to be shopping in. Liquid substances on the floor are usually not considered “reasonably safe conditions.” For this reason, if you have fallen and injured yourself while on the premises of a mall, grocery store or other establishment, you should contact an attorney today.

There are many other types of personal injury that occur quite commonly. These include boating accidents, products liability, animal attacks and injuries associated with the airlines, to name a few. If you have found yourself with a severe, or even minor, physical injury because of the negligence of another, never hesitate to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Once the lawyer reviews your case, he will make a recommendation to you of whether to proceed forward with your case. If you have been seriously injured, chances are your case is strong on the merits and your attorney will encourage you to file suit. This process begins by filing a complaint within the courthouse and subsequently serving the complaint and summons on the named defendant. If you are not sure who is ultimately responsible for your injury, you may join multiple defendants on your complaint and the law will eventually sort out who is responsible. A trial of your case will come later in which you will be able to present witnesses, exhibits and evidence to support your claim of personal injury.

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