Toxic Torts

Environmental contamination is an unfortunate byproduct of manufacturing and other industrial endeavors. Toxic tort cases arise when environmental contamination causes harm to individuals by negatively affecting their health. There have been toxic tort cases where families and neighbors suffered a variety of physical problems after drinking contaminated water, breathing harmful airborne substances, or swimming in contaminated bodies of water. Most instances of contamination, with careful investigation, can be traced back to a negligent corporation that failed to dispose of toxic chemicals properly.

When the general public becomes exposed to toxic substances that endanger their lives, accountability must be taken. When environmental safety laws are ignored and men, women and children are put in harm’s way, it is up to a skilled lawyer to navigate the complicated investigation process to identify the source of the contamination. Toxic tort cases can be brought by a single individual, or formed through “mass tort”, which involves several plaintiffs with the same claim. Because toxic tort cases involve diligent research and investigation, you should choose a lawyer with experience who is willing and able to dedicate time and money into uncovering the truth. If a direct link can be established between your injuries and the negligence of a corporation or entity, your family may be entitled to collect significant money damages to offset lost income and medical bills.