In the aftermath of an accident, victims may be left feeling understandably helpless and confused about what comes next. A car accident attorney in California ought to be your advocate and trusted counsel when legal action is justified.

California accident victims ought to prioritize healing and spending time with loved ones while the attorney handles the insurance company and the legal proceedings. These three statistics help highlight why an auto accident lawyer in California is an essential ally for victims or surviving loved ones after an accident.

California Suffers From More Car Accident Deaths Than Any Other State

Few personal injury cases deserve compensation more than auto accidents that take the life of an innocent victim. Families in mourning can rely on a lawyer to file a wrongful death lawsuit against any responsible parties and pursue legal action against negligent drivers involved.

Sadly, this need occurs all too often in California, which has more car accident deaths than any other state. The National Safety Council’s 2016 estimates reveal that 3,680 deaths are expected to have been suffered in California. For a wrongful death, grieving loved ones deserve compensation to receive justice for their unnecessary loss.

If You Live in a Large County, Chances Are the Accident Risks Increase

Part of what makes California an incredible place to live is the state’s many large cities that each have thriving and unique cultures all their own. However, living in a populated California county increases the risk of a fatal accident, as 61% of fatal accidents happen near cities, not rural areas of the state.

Los Angeles County led the state’s counties with a staggering 630 fatalities in 2013, but other populous counties such as San Diego and Orange also made the list for the top 5 deadly counties in the state.

The Majority of Accidents Are Caused by Legal Wrongdoing

DUI/DWI offenses are the largest cause of car accident fatalities in the state by a wide margin. Indeed, recent figures have shown that nearly 2 in 3 California motor vehicle deaths were caused by drunk driving.

There are plenty of other ways to engage in legal wrongdoing, such as distracted driving, speeding and similarly unlawful actions. When legal wrongdoing causes accident injuries or even death, you need a team of auto accident attorneys in California who will help you pursue the justice and money damages you deserve.

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The days, weeks and potentially years that follow an accident can be permanently altered by injuries suffered at the scene of the car accident. The Ledger Law Firm provides the legal representation needed to make sure accident victims and California families have the compensation needed to begin the process of repairing and rebuilding their lives.

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