After a car accident, victims often have moderate to serious injuries that will require treatment. Even if an accident victim believes they are not injured, it is still necessary to seek a medical professional for treatment. Potentially life-threatening issues related to brain clots or traumatic injuries may not be evident at the accident scene, but these symptoms may manifest in the hours or days that follow.

The reality of medical treatment post-accident, however, is that the treatment costs add up quickly. The natural question for an accident victim is, “Who pays for this treatment?”

The answer to this question is one of three reasons why accident victims should reach out to a California car accident lawyer shortly after they are treated for immediately pressing medical care.

You Are Responsible for Medical Treatment Costs Until Your Case Concludes

After a successful settlement or lawsuit, the person responsible for causing the injuries is responsible for the harms caused and costs accrued, which is a primary reason why you should not delay when compensation for injuries is deserved. In the meantime, accident victims are still tasked with paying for the treatments they need until this compensation is obtained.

Options for paying for medical care until your legal issues are resolved include:

  • No Fault Coverage/Medical Payments Via Your Auto Insurance Policy
  • Health Insurance Coverage
  • Medicare/Medical
  • Out of pocket
  • Signing a lien

In effect, there are options to cover the cost, but the sooner you receive compensation that will put these issues behind you, the better. Here are three additional reasons to not delay when pursuing compensation for accident injuries.

California Law Will Shut the Door on Your Claim If You Wait Too Long

§335.1 of the California Code outlines that there is a two-year statute of limitations for an accident victim’s ability to file a claim for their accident. There are a few exceptions to this general timeline, but the exceptions will not apply to most accident cases. Effectively, this means that if a claim is not settled or a lawsuit is not filed within two years of the accident, a victim can lose their right to legal compensation.

For this reason, be aware that stalling insurance companies or your own unnecessary delays can bar you from receiving the compensation you deserve and need. By reaching out to a car accident attorney in California, you will avoid these unnecessary pitfalls that can harm your claim.

Know that once a lawsuit is filed with the help of an auto accident lawyer in California, the statute of limitations will no longer apply.

Receiving Legal Compensation May Not Happen Quickly

A caring and effective car accident attorney will make sure your legal rights are protected by fighting for a fair settlement offer from the insurance company. A skilled lawyer can expedite this process in many instances, but there is no magic wand that can force an insurance company to make a fair offer for your injuries.

In such cases, going to trial may be the best way to pursue the compensation you need. Even if a fair settlement offer comes relatively quickly, it can still take months or even years until the settlement can be reached. One reason for this is that your medical treatment must either lead to 100% healing or a stable condition such that further treatment will not produce medical improvement before a settlement can be reached.

For simple to moderate injuries, this can take months. For severe cases, it may take much longer. Your lawyer will help expedite the process if that is in the best interests of your case or you so desire, but the key takeaway is that delaying the legal process only delays the timeline until you receive deserved compensation.

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