Technology continues to evolve, reshaping the way auto accident claims are handled. An auto accident case used to be a lengthy process with tons of paperwork. Today, things are more streamlined, user-friendly, and accurate with the use of dashcams, mobile phones, accident reconstruction software, GPS, and telematics. Coupled with the expertise of a good auto accident lawyer, this tech is helping change the game. Let’s take a look at how it assists.

Eyes on The Road: Dashcams

Dashcams are becoming more popular because they are small and compact but can be valuable when there’s an accident. If there’s footage of what really happened, it provides more credibility in disputes. This also helps in claims being processed and settled quickly because eyewitnesses can leave out important details that may result in claim denials or lengthy litigation. Insurers use this video to make sure they are fair.

Pocket Watching: Mobile Phones
Smartphones are now the norm, with almost everyone having one. When it comes to auto accident claims, they are useful to drivers because they capture real-time evidence like photos of the vehicles involved, damages, surrounding areas, and insurance information. This can be crucial in litigation because those photos are timestamped and may have location data. Most insurance companies now have apps that allow the insured to immediately upload photos and file a claim.

Data-Driven Evidence: Data-Driven Evidence

While GPS has been around for some time, companies now integrate telematics to collect, monitor, and transmit data on vehicles and driving behaviors. When an accident occurs, insurers can immediately access the information to determine whose fault it was and damage the car, which also assists in preventing fraud.

A Digital Detective: Accident Reconstruction Software

Accident reconstruction software takes all data from mobile phones, GPS, telematics, and dashcams to virtually reconstruct an accident. How does it work? The software looks at different factors like the vehicle size and weight, road conditions, and other factors to determine the likelihood of what happened. This helps in getting a clear, unbiased picture. It also helps in providing objectivity in settling claims that may avoid litigation.

These tech tools are helping drive transformation in auto accident claims that provide a fair, efficient, and accurate description of what happened. Using this technology and getting assistance from a team of the best auto accident attorneys puts you in a great position in the event of an accident. For more information on auto accident attorneys, contact the Ledger law firm today or Call Now at (800) 300-0001.