The Dangers of Pharmaceutical Drugs

Injuries sustained from adverse, severe side effects to prescription drugs are becoming more and more prevalent in our society today. The large pharmaceutical companies are unable to test for every side effect possible from a medication. Have you been recently injured from the side effects associated with prescription drugs, medical devices, over the counter medication or surgical procedures? Do not hesitate to contact an attorney today. Nothing can be more frightening than an adverse side effect from a medication that is supposed to help you with your ailment.

Just because the FDA approves a medication for sale in the United States does not mean that it is necessarily safe for all users. Since everyone has a different body chemistry, certain drugs can interact in different ways for different people. Some drugs that are perfectly harmless in one person can cause headaches, stroke or heart problems in another. We have attorneys on staff who are ready and willing to take your case and will advocate for your claim to the bitter end. We like nothing more than to hold large pharmaceutical companies responsible for the harm they cause American citizens.

Did you know that some medications currently approved for use in the United States have been banned or limited in other countries because of the adverse side effects. What a frightening notion. You do not have to wait for others to join your claim in order to commence an action against a large pharmaceutical company that is harming people. You can contact us today and we can begin working on your case immediately.

Large corporations and pharmaceutical conglomerates do not intimidate our attorneys. We will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of your claim. If an effective legal advocate is what you are seeking, you can look no further. Pharmaceutical companies set aside millions of dollars in their budget every year for litigation purposes. This is because they know of the risks associated with developing and marketing drugs to Americans and they are prepared to settle the case with you. You are free to settle if you so choose but you are also free to take the case the whole way to trial. It is your right as the plaintiff to direct the course of action of your case and our attorneys will always be by your side and helping to counsel you through the system.

We understand that a personal injury incurred from prescription or over-the-counter medication can be one of the scariest experiences of a person’s life. Perhaps you had a very serious allergic reaction and ended up in the emergency room. Perhaps your injury was slow to develop over time and you were not aware of it until it was too late. Whatever the case, retain a personal injury attorney today. You will not regret the decision to hold the big pharmaceutical company responsible!