If you or a loved one has been injured in an Uber accident, it is in your best interests to explore your legal rights with the help of an Uber accident attorney. At The Ledger Law Firm, our team of lawyers have earned a national reputation for helping deserving accident victims recover the compensation needed to heal and receive justice for a negligent accident.

It may be tempting to speak with an insurance adjuster or settle with the insurance company before talking to an accident attorney, but that is a mistake. Understand that insurance companies are profitable businesses that look out for their financial well-being, not the medical needs of accident victims. With the help of a national law firm like Ledger Law, you can be represented by a trusted personal injury lawyer who fully investigates your claim and applies the law and facts of your case to settlement negotiations. By doing so, your legal claim will be strengthened, leading to a much higher settlement offer than you would likely receive by settling before speaking with a lawyer.

Here are additional important reasons why you should speak to an Uber accident lawyer after your ride-sharing accident.

The Details Matter in Uber Accidents

A strong legal claim for accident victims often hinges on the full factual picture. For example, did the Uber driver have their app turned on when the accident took place? Was the ride initiated by hailing a driver or by using the Uber app? These facts can play an instrumental role in determining whether insurance will cover the accident.

Uber relies on distinct ride-sharing periods when determining eligibility for insurance coverages:

  • Offline (the app is off)
  • Available (the app is turned on)
  • En Route or On Trip (the driver has accepted a ride or the rider has entered the vehicle and initiated the trip)

Depending on the facts involved, the insurance available to a liable driver will differ. These facts grow only more complex when other liable parties are involved as well, particularly for comparative negligence states like California.

Details matter from a legal perspective, especially for Uber accidents, which underscores why it is essential to speak with an accident attorney after your Uber accident.

California Law Complicates the Uber Insurance Issue

California’s insurance coverage laws make matters more complicated in an Uber accident. For example, a law passed in July of 2015  required Uber drivers to carry increased coverage while online and looking to accept a passenger ride. Additionally, the drivers are required to carry even more insurance for the period of ride acceptance until the trip has ended.

This law, however, has a key gap that can arise if the ride’s origin is based upon a pedestrian who hailed an Uber driver. When these complexities arise, you will be thankful that you have spoken with an Uber accident attorney who has the experience needed to address these factual and legal complexities.

In effect, Uber accidents often raise particular legal issues that will require the legal skill and insight of a California accident attorney. For more information about how ride-sharing laws affect your personal injury case, contact The Ledger Law Firm for a free consultation.

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