A slip and fall accident is the most common liability case in the workplace or otherwise. A slip and fall incident occurs when a worker, resident, or guest falls due to a slippery surface; as opposed to a trip and fall which occurs when there is a break or inconsistency in the surface on which the individual falls.

The premise of these injuries can be a result of a multitude of situations that are a result of improper maintenance. A homeowner, property owner, or company is responsible for maintaining a safe environment in order to avoid these accidents because they are the ones accountable when situational injuries occur.

When in a situation such as a slip and fall, the owner will most likely attempt to say that you are the problem rather than themselves. In that situation, it is best if you hold off from talking to the property owner unless you have the representation of an attorney to avoid being taking advantage of in a vulnerable position. The property owner may be able to manipulate you into believing that you are at fault, and if you agree, you would be giving up all rights to filing a claim and receiving compensation. Those types of situations are the reason you should contact an attorney representative, such as the experts from the Ledger Law Firm.

What do you do after a slip and fall?

There are certain steps and precautions you should take after you have been in a slip and fall situation.

Step 1:

Report the fall. In any situation, if you are seriously injured, you should report the situation to the authorities before you do anything else. This can help build your case and prevent others from being in the same situation.

Step 2:

Seek medical help. While this step seems relatively obvious, people who do not seek medical help can weaken your claim In the long run. Even if your injuries do not seem serious at the time, you must seek medical help to not only build evidence for your claim but also ensure that you are not dealing with something more serious than what you thought at first glance.

Step 3:

Document any evidence you can. If you or someone with you is able to, take any pictures of the situation you can. Photographic evidence can strengthen your claim and provide you with physical proof that the situation was not up to code and should be fixed immediately.

Step 4:

Contact witnesses. If your accident occurred in a public place, you should seek statements of those who may have witnessed the fall. They may be able to provide you with an accurate recollection of what caused the fall such as broken stairs, slippery surfaces, or loose handrails.

Step 5:

Do not speak about your accident! Do not talk to anyone about the incident until an insurance representative or an attorney speaks to you first, or you could risk weaken or lose your right to a claim.

Step 6:

Most importantly, seek the representation of an accident attorney. The experts can ensure that your rights are protected and you are receiving appropriate compensation for the incident.

The expert slip and fall attorneys at the Ledger Law Firm can supply you with a free consultation and potential representation in your case. If you have any questions, concerns, or seek more information about a slip and fall accident of you or a loved one, please visit ledgerlaw.com or contact a Ledger Law Firm attorney directly.

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