Seeking Out A Truck Accident Lawyer?

By May 31, 2010 January 19th, 2018 Trucking Accident Lawyer

If you have been in an accident with a tractor trailer you may be wondering what to do next. You may be facing large medical bills and many months of recovery, as well as car repair bills for the damages to your vehicle and other fees and expenses that are inevitable when it comes to a car accident. However, when do you know that a tractor trailer accident lawyer is required, and what is the first step you should take after being treated. What you learn may surprise you, as you may be able to collect money from the truck company’s insurance, or other parties involved to cover much if not all of your expenses.

You will want to know when a truck accident requires a lawyer so that it can be your first step after the medical treatment that you receive. The first clue that you should get a lawyer, is if you feel you are being treated unfairly or taken advantage of. This can be by the insurance company for the trucking company or the owners or employees of the trucking company itself, or by the police that are taking the report for your accident. If you feel that you are being misunderstood and run over by any of these people or if they are trying to force you to do something that you don’t want to do, that is the first clue that you need an attorney.

Another great reason for getting an accident lawyer is that you don’t understand what the insurance company, police of another party is trying to tell you or convince you of. For instance, if the insurance company representative brings over paperwork and does not explain it to you so that you understand it clearly, then you might need a personal injury attorney. The mere fact that you have an attorney representing you will cause companies to behave differently most of the time if they are trying to get you to sign paperwork that is not in your best interest.

If you have severe injuries as a result of the truck accident, and you know that the injuries that you have sustained may take a long time to recover from, you should contact an attorney. If the accident was not your fault or only partially your fault, then a California semi truck accident attorney will be able to tell you if you can receive compensation for your accident and how you should proceed with your case. Severe injuries are costly and can leave you impaired for a long time or for the rest of your life in some cases, and you should receive compensation if the truck driver was negligent.

The best way to judge whether or not you need an attorney for your case is by asking yourself if you were in an accident as a result of negligence by someone else – in this case a truck driver – and whether the injuries, damages to your car or expenses that you are now responsible for are severe enough to warrant pursuing legal action against the person that was negligent. If so, contact Ledger & Associates. With years of personal injury and car accident cases you will be well represented and you may be able to collect the compensation that you deserve.