Scooters: They’re Easy To Park, Fun To Drive, Don’t Guzzle Gas – And They Get In More Than Their Fair Share of Accidents

Southern California scooter sales, like the rest of the country, have soared since 2008. The reasons are many – convenience, parking and most of all, cost. The cost of fuel for a scooter is only a fraction of what it costs to run a conventional car or truck, especially during these strange economic times.

While scooter sales have been spiking, what else has been on the rise is scooter accidents. As more and more scooters, and all 2-wheelers for that matter, continue to buzz around our streets, property and physically damaging accidents continue to soar.

Unlike larger motorcycles, which tend to be a bit more durable and forgiving, scooters are prone to road hazards like potholes or debris in the road. Also, when any 2-wheeler makes a quick unplanned turn to get out of the way of debris, an obstacle or a vehicle, the scooter driver may begin to lose control and/or become vulnerable to being hit by another vehicle or losing balance and falling. The result of such accidents.

Most scooter accidents – according to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) – can be attributed to one of four issues or causes:

Collisions: Most reported scooter accidents take place at intersection and usually involve another motor vehicle striking the scooter (and the driver) out of a blind spot. These can most often times be traumatic events involving extensive damage to the scooters, and many times to the driver, requiring hospital visits. Personal injury lawyers are quite adept at handling such cases.

Rider inexperience: Many first-time scooter owners are also novices at riding motorized 2-wheelers on our busy and active California streets. This inexperience can lead to driver error and become compounded with other vehicles on the road.

Excessive speed: While most scooters may not look like they can move at high speeds, or are dwarfed by their older sibling the motorcycle, scooters can get drivers in lots of trouble (accidents) when they zip in and out of traffic, especially at lights and intersections.

Alcohol: For some reason scooters drivers get their fair share of DUI’s.

The result of scooter accidents can and do include such things as broken bones, foot and leg injuries
Burns, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

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