San Diego Car Accident Attorney Explains Why All in One Cellular Phones Are Dangerous

By March 31, 2010 January 25th, 2018 Auto Accident Lawyer

Imagine that you are driving down the freeway on your way to work on a typical Monday in San Diego. The traffic, as usual, is heavy and you know it will take you every bit of the 45 minutes that you a lot each day to get to your office. That also means you will be rushing when you get there to get your day going. You remember that you have to make your daughter a dentist appointment. You grab for your cell phone, and call your dentist to make the appointment. While you are talking to the receptionist, you have to check your calendar – also on your phone – to see if you are available to get your daughter to the appointment on the day she suggests. Great news – appointment made! Five minutes later, you realize there must be a crash up ahead because traffic is coming to a complete stop. No problem, you’ll just take the exit to your right and figure out how to get to work from there. Again, you reach for your cell phone and open the GPS application to figure out where you are and how to get to work. Once you have managed to find the best route to your office, you notice that the light is flashing indicating that you have e-mail. It’s Monday morning and it could be something important happening at the office so you figure you better check it.

Does this sound familiar to you? If it does, then you are putting yourself and all the other drivers and passengers on the roadways in danger according to San Diego County car accident attorney Emery Ledger of Ledger & Associates. Just five years ago, most of us were perfectly happy waiting until we got to the office to check our e-mail. Ten years before that we were actually fine just waiting for the good old fashioned U.S. Mail to arrive. Likewise, we used to carry maps with us – paper maps that is – and pull over at the nearest parking lot to figure out where we were when we got lost. And those doctor and dentist appointments? Well they used to be made during lunch hours and somehow we managed to fit them in. Now, with the advent of the “all-in-one cell phones”, we are dependant on our cell phone to do everything. The problem with that is that we are doing everything while we are driving. That, in turn, creates a huge hazard for everyone on the road.

Distracted driving is the number one cause of car accidents in the United States, says San Diego car accident attorney Emery Ledger, and the use of handheld devices is the number one form of distracted driving. Checking e-mail, making telephone calls and checking your map application all require that you take your eyes off the road which can be all the time needed for an accident to happen.

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