If you or a loved one has been injured or worse in a California car accident caused by another driver’s recklessness or negligent behavior, you need an auto accident lawyer in California. However, an accident requires more than just any lawyer. You need to choose an auto accident attorney you trust who is the right fit for your case.

Here are three risks a California car accident victim can avoid by choosing a lawyer who fully commits to your case and makes helping you receive deserved compensation the top priority.

Settling for Less Than Your Accident Deserves and Needs

If you have serious injuries after a car accident, you may be need years or even a lifetime of care. Some families know all too well that California’s roads are often lethal, as the state leads the nation in auto accident deaths.

Injuries of this magnitude require a lawyer who commits to getting you the funds you need as an accident victim, not simply accepting a quick settlement with the insurance company on the way toward an easy paycheck. If the insurance company starts with a lowball offer — which is practically a foregone conclusion given the insurance company business model — you need a lawyer who gives you honest counsel and advises you to reject that offer.

You can do much better with the help of a lawyer who is willing to fight for your case until you receive a fair settlement offer or the compensation you deserve is obtained at trial.

Poor Communication Can Raise Anxiety Post-Accident

The weeks and months following an accident are trying in a way that words cannot do justice. Victims often face anxiety and constant worry about the healing process, paying bills and, of course, their legal case. A lawyer who is a poor communicator and does not provide victims with timely updates only exacerbates these worries.

When you meet with a car accident attorney in California for the first time, make sure the attorney is genuinely interested in helping you and providing you with committed, timely updates to your case.

Lawyers Who Don’t Put Your Case First Can Harm Your Case

If a lawyer treats your case as an afterthought or a second priority, the reality is your case can be harmed in the early going. A caring, dedicated lawyer will put the time into investigating the facts of your case, whether that involves contacting witnesses or getting recorded statements that aid your legal argument.

You would never go through the motions if you had the legal knowledge to advocate on your own behalf, which is why you deserve a California auto accident attorney who diligently pursues your legal right to compensation.

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