RIDE SMART – Motorcycle Safety

By February 20, 2010 January 28th, 2018 Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There seems to be a common notion that if a motorcycle is involved in an accident; it was probably the motorcycles fault, and maybe yours was, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up your rights altogether. We all know there are plenty of distractions on the streets these days and it doesn’t take much to turn your head, even if for only a moment.

There are a few things to remember when riding a bike, and if you practice them, they may just save your life.

1. Keep your eyes on the road- no matter what flies by. You are driving at heavy vehicle that needs a lot of room to stop if you need to suddenly. If you collide with something, you are gambling on just how bad you are going to get hurt, because you will get hurt. It only takes a fraction of a second to loose control, or come into contact with something you shouldn’t while riding a motorcycle.

2. Wear a DOT standard helmet- Even though it is resisted by many of those in the biking community, statistics show that wearing a good helmet has prevented countless brain injuries and deaths to bikers. Riding at high speeds will compound the impact ratios exponentially, so remember to wear something that will keep your brains inside your skull. Again, you are just gambling on how bad you will get hurt if you are involved in an accident. There are no airbags on motorcycles.

3. Wear leathers- Leather will provide great protection from skidding across the road surface if you should be flung from your machine. Even on a hot day, leather is shown to be the best material to protect your body from all the rocks, glass, asphalt, concrete, and whatever else is lying in the road waiting to tear you to shreds if you and your bike should part while going 60 mph. You can always take them off when you stop.

4. Respect the traffic laws- Most people don’t notice bikers, even if you are right next to them. Sitting in the protective confines of their car, other drivers tend to tune out most everything else, and will only see you when you are squarely in front of them, or riding a Harley with abnormally loud pipes. Sticking to the rules is the best way to protect yourself from another driver who is not as aware of your surroundings as you are while out in the open air.

5. Ride sober and alert- If you have been drinking, or pushing your ride until you can hardly keep your eyes open, pull over and take a break. Most bikers don’t want to leave their bike someplace where somebody might get to it, but it is not worth the risk of wrapping yourself around a telephone pole just to get where you are going. There are plenty of motels where you can park your bike right outside your door and keep an eye on it. If you are trying to save a few dollars, just sleep outside. Isn’t that one of the reasons you bought a bike in the first place? I was in the Marines for 8 years, and had to make temporary shelters many times. You will be surprised at how easy, and how rewarding it is to sleep under the sky in decent weather. If it looks like rain, pull under a bridge and let it blow over.

Following these simple rules will help people overcome many of the negative stereotypes carried over from the 1950’s & 1960’s. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, get real protection, contact www.LedgerLaw.com and let someone else do your fighting for you. Call 800-300-0001 today.