Any accident is necessarily unexpected, which almost always leads to a strong sense of confusion and vulnerability for accident victims. Still, that is perhaps especially true for passengers who are injured in ride-sharing accidents.

Regardless of whether you were injured in a ride-sharing accident as a passenger, driver or pedestrian, it is important to know there are unique legal issues affecting ride-sharing accident compensation. As such, it is in your best interests to speak with a ride-sharing accident lawyer after your accident to make sure your legal rights are protected as you pursue the compensation to which you may be entitled.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind after a ride-sharing accident.

The Insurance Company Is Not Your Friend

Understand that the insurance company is a profitable business that remains so because it looks out for its own business interests. When those interests collide with the legal interests of a deserving accident victim after a ride-sharing collision, these companies will still look out for their own bottom line first.

Keep in this mind when insurance companies or adjusters provide a settlement offer. This offer is almost assuredly lower than the compensation you need and deserve to receive. Remember that their goal is to pay you as little as possible, which is an unjust outcome that leaves victims without the money they need, especially if their injuries require long-term care.

Your accident lawyer will conduct a full investigation into the accident that obtains a complete picture of the accident scene, who is liable and what the full extent of your injuries are. With this evidence, your lawyer can enter into negotiations that produce a fair settlement outcome that reflects the amount you deserve to receive.

The Ride-Sharing Company Has Its Own Interest to Protect Also

Just as it is true that the insurance company is a business, this statement of fact applies to the ride-sharing company as well. The ride-sharing company’s insurance adjuster will care about the ride-sharing company’s bottom line as well.

Many believe car accident claims ought to follow a straightforward process where the responsible party’s insurance company pays the full and fair amount for a policyholder’s actions that bear legal culpability for an accident. This is a more than understandable sentiment, but unfortunately, victims need a legal advocate who is truly interested in protecting the victim’s interests, just as these companies protect their own interests.

If You Have Any Other Legal Questions, The Ledger Law Firm Is Here to Help

At The Ledger Law Firm, we serve as the legal ally of deserving accident victims who need and deserve legal compensation for the harms that have been suffered. If you have been injured in a ride-sharing accident, know that our team has developed a national reputation for helping injured personal injury victims recover millions in compensation.

In addition to reaching out to us before settling your case prematurely with the insurance company, here are a few additional tips that will help your legal claim:

  • Call 911 and seek medical attention for serious injuries immediately. Your legal claim is essential, but taking care of your body is even more important. Seek medical treatment and fully document all pains and harms you experience, then contact a lawyer.
  • Report the accident to the police and obtain information relevant to the accident. This includes license plates, as well as the identities of all drivers and witnesses involved or present at the scene.
  • If possible, take photographic evidence of the damage, injuries and surrounding accident scene.

This evidence will be useful when you meet with a Ledger Law attorney, as it can be used to build a stronger case on your behalf. Contact us online for a free case evaluation and speak with a Ledger Law ride-sharing accident lawyer who will represent your legal interests and pursue the compensation you need after a ride-sharing accident.

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