States frequently change car accident laws without making big announcements about the change. Consequently, drivers may be unaware they are violating a new accident law following their involvement in a vehicle accident.

You can avoid breaking new car accident laws by contacting a car accident lawyer immediately after an accident. In some situations, you may forfeit your right to file an accident settlement case by taking certain actions without consulting with a lawyer about a recently enacted accident law in your state.

Change to Personal Injury Claims in Florida

In March 2023, Governor DeSantis approved House Bill (HB) 837 and Senate Bill (SB) 236, which may eliminate the legal rights of Floridians in civil cases. Opponents of these bills say that they do not benefit victims of personal injuries but do hand a huge advantage to insurance companies. For example, if you are injured in a car accident and bring a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver, HB 837 and SB 236 would weaken a victim’s rights by shortening the statute of limitations to two years and limiting how much you could collect in damages.

Change to Written Accident Reports in Illinois

Beginning in May 2023, Illinois drivers are mandated to write a report when they are involved in certain accidents and submit that report to the Illinois State Police. Written reports must be sent to the ISP when accidents result in injuries or death, cause over $1500 in property damage (when all drivers are insured), or cause over $500 in property damage (when at least one driver is uninsured).

Change to Car Accident Liability in Texas

Enacted in 2022, House Bill 19 changes liability laws concerning crashes involving one or more commercial motor vehicles. Previously, this accident law stated that the company owning the commercial motor vehicle would likely be held liable if their driver caused serious injury or death to anyone involved in the accident. HB 19 makes the commercial motor vehicle driver initially liable instead of the company. Lawsuits cannot be filed against the company by accident victims unless a judge or jury first finds the driver liable for the accident.

Has Your State’s Accident Law Recently Changed?

Many states have modified accident and driving laws regarding the use of cell phones while driving, lowering speed limits in high-risk zones, and penalties for hit-and-run accidents. Not knowing what the laws are if you are involved in a car crash could limit your ability to file an accident settlement for financial compensation that you or a loved one deserve.

Contact an experienced car accident lawyer today to learn more about changes to car accident laws in your state or to get legal assistance after an accident.