Railroad Lawyers: The Three Parties

By April 8, 2012 March 30th, 2018 Train & Railroad Accident Injury Tips

Railroad lawyers represent people that were injured or have loved ones that died in a railroad accident. Conversely, a railroad accident lawyer with knowledge of the Federal Railroad Administration also represents railroad companies in railroad accident cases. This particular “company attorney” defends the business against claims of injury or wrongful death as a result of a train wreck. The issue of negligence also plays a critical role in each case, so many railroad lawyers have personal injury experience.

There is another party typically involved in railroad accident cases; that is the insurance company. The insurance company also has a team of railroad lawyers with similar knowledge and experience.

It’s important to note that the “company” attorney and insurance company attorney are looking out for the best interest of their clients, not you as the injured party. They have experts advocating for them and their interests, it’s best you have the same. Don’t walk into the situation unprepared and overwhelmed. Leverage the expertise of your own train lawyer and have him or her advocate on your behalf, ensuring you receive just compensation.