Product Liability

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Defective product attorneys target manufacturers, distributors and retailers who fail to provide sound products and who put profit ahead of consumer safety. Whether you’ve suffered an injury after a defective car part led to an auto accident, a defective drug caused life-threatening side effects, or a defective toy injured your child, you may have a right to sue.

Defective product claims have involved dangerous drugs, life-threatening birth control, medical devices, auto parts, tires, SUVs prone to rollover, products containing asbestos, infant and toddler toys, children’s furniture and cribs, power tools, household appliances, cleaning products, and many other products. Any party that had a hand in getting the product to consumers may be liable for injuries caused. These may include retailers, distributors, manufacturers, repairers, assemblers and testing facilities. Product liability suits must assert that the product was unreasonably dangerous and attempt to show that the injury occurred due to negligence, strict liability or breach of warranty.

As defective product litigation continues to be successful, safety standards have improved and manufacturers are expected to test products rigorously before they are allowed on the market. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury after using a defective product, talk to an experienced product liability attorney. You may be able to collect substantial money damages to cover the cost of medical treatment and other damages. The attorneys at the Ledger Law work hard to ensure effective consumer protection and we welcome the opportunity to target careless manufacturers and merchants.

Dangerous Drugs

Over the counter and prescription medications such as Vioxx are created to help people suffering from pain and ailments eliminate symptoms. When consumers purchase medications, we assume these drugs will make us feel better and promote our health. But even the FDA-approved medications do not carry a guarantee of safety.

Defective drugs have been blamed for a variety of serious health problems, including heart attack, stroke, liver and kidney problems and even death. Our experienced attorneys know how to cut through the often complicated details of drug litigation and find out who is accountable for allowing harmful drugs to reach consumers. The personal injury attorneys at the Ledger Law use effective legal strategies to show undeniable liability and prove that the drug in question caused serious harm.

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