Product Liability Lawyer Discusses Poorly Crafted Viking Refrigerators

It is always nice to blog about products that I have first hand experience with. My recommendation is to STAY AWAY from Viking refrigerators. Have you ever come across a slick salesman and disregarded his advice because he was so “slick” that you didn’t trust him, only to find out later that he was actually telling the truth?

Here is what happened to me. I went to purchase new appliances for our kitchen. As a personal injury and product liability attorney I stay abreast of product safety information but often disregard warranty information. I assume when you pay so much for top of the line appliances they will work or at the very least be covered by a quality warranty.

I purchased Viking Appliances including a dishwasher, stove and oven. When it came to the refrigerator I wanted to purchase a matching set and opted for a Viking refrigerator as well. I had a slick salesman who was pushing a sub zero refrigerator and pushing so hard I thought he must have had a higher commission on a SubZero. I was wrong. The reason he suggested a stay away from the Viking Refrigerator was quality. The ice machine doesn’t work after only months.

Vikings warranty department is trying to exclude the ice maker as not being covered by warranty by stating it is attached to an not warranty item i.e. the ice bucket. This is outrageous. I believe these defects not only to leave a buyer with an nonworking ice maker but may actually be a danger as well. This refrigerator was VERY expensive and to not work coupled with excuse after excuse by Viking appliances I am considering my legal options. I intend to file suit against Viking so they can’t weasel their way out of their responsibility under their warranty. I think this will be valuable to future consumers who are also wronged by Viking’s poor corporate behavior.

If you have been injured by or have product dissatisfaction with Viking Refrigerators/Freezers…specifically their ice makers….please email me at If I can gather a heard I may a lead the charge as a class action lawsuit against Viking.



Viking sent the replacement part to my home today. I’d like to say it was a response to my blog and illustrate the power of the internet but the party was shipped prior to my writing. The good news is that at least after enough noise is made Viking is standing behind their warranty. Thank you Viking for being stand-up…..better late than never!

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