Independent Truck Driver; How to Find a Good Truck Accident Lawyer

Unlike working for a large company, working as an independent business owner, in particular as an independent contract driver, there are a lot of things you need know. Independent Contractors are not covered under any means by the company they are contracted with. That means if an independent truck driver gets into an accident, it is all on their head to cover costs, including insurance fees and lawyer fees if they need to hire one. Finding a good trucking accident lawyer in California is just as important as having good insurance coverage.

Why Would You Need A Good California Truck Accident Lawyer?

Most people do not realize, or can discern, the different between a contracted worker and a regular employee. At times both may be performing work for the same company, which can further add to confusion when lawsuits are filed. When people are hurt in an accident, lost wages and sufferings are two of the most common grounds for lawsuits. Mistaking you for a direct employee of a larger company, with much better funding, can mean you may be the target of a quite heftier lawsuit. A good California truck accident lawyer can help confront and resolve these sorts of claims, which could otherwise end up in the favor of the plaintiff. The laws and regulations regarding big trucks is a lot different than regular vehicles. There are also special stipulations regarding insurance for big trucks as well. All of these contribute to why you would need an truck accident attorney that is able to handle your serious 18 wheeler accident and big rig accident injuries.

Things to Look for When Hiring a Lawyer

To begin with, some confusion should be cleared regarding the different between a lawyer and an attorney. Both are often times interchanged in regards to how people reference them. In a lot of ways you would want a California truck accident attorney to represent you in the case if you were seeking action against someone in a vehicular case, but for defending you a lawyer is likely a better candidate because they can see a broader picture in regards to how to build a defense. Attorneys tend to have an acute focus on a field of law and are most commonly the ones making arguments in the court room. Lawyers tend to more generalized in practice but can take special interest and study regarding certain aspects, such as laws regarding personal injury and accidents.

Look for Reputation, Costs and Credentials

The former are the three basic aspects of a truck accident lawyer you should look for will help you choose the best candidate your case. Ask around among peers and search online for reviews and ratings regarding a particular firm you are considering. Aside from the firm itself, you should also look up the individual members of the firm’s team. Sometimes you will find lawyers and attorneys working together in the same firm that can be powerful teams, mainly because they are able to provide input from different levels of specialization.

Beyond the team’s composition, you will want to examine their track record and pricing. A group that has high ratings, but little experience would not have a standing to charge as much as the top rated firms of their field. The point of hiring a lawyer is to save money, if they have exorbitant fees, even for a lawyer’s office, you should definitely get a second opinion.

A final, very important note, to consider when hiring a good trucking accident attorney, is to evaluate the reason you are hiring one. While they can be invaluable assets to have on your side, sometimes going straight to them can be jumping the gun. Instances where you are in dispute with the company that contracted you are times where having one on your side can be critical. Whereas, minor, clear fault issues, such as minor fender benders where you are not at fault, should be able to be handled easily without one. Though, when unsure, it never hurts to have a consultation.

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