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This law firm and this lawyer is amazing! I put in a consultation request on a Saturday, extremely late, and received a call from this attorney, HIMSELF…on a Saturday night! Now that’s dedication and almost the exclusive reason I chose him. That showed he was extremely concerned and extremely dedicated to what he does and therefore may help me extremely in the future.

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May 31, 2019 in Car Accident

What You Need to Know about Road Rage and Fatal Car Accidents in California

Summer is here and people are getting into their vehicles to take advantage of lower gas prices and vacation days. That means more people on the roads, and while most of you are just doing your thing and driving to your destination, there is bound to be one or two drivers out there who are in a mood and who…
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May 30, 2019 in Personal Injury Lawyer | The Ledger Law Firm

Mistakes that Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Claim

Stating your injuries and providing the expenses you accrued due to the injuries is not enough in a personal injury claim. There's a lot more involved if you want to receive full, fair, and just compensation. So, mistake number one is underestimating the claim process. But there are more mistakes you could potentially make that can jeopardize your personal injury…
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May 26, 2019 in Law Firm

Stunning $2 Billion Award to California Couple in Roundup Weed Killer Case

It's stunning. This month, a California couple was awarded a $2.055 billion verdict for their Roundup weed killer case against Monsanto. The award amounted to $55 million in compensation for both economic and non-economic damages and $2 billion in punitive damages. Though legal analysts, as NPR points out, suggest the punitive damages will be reduced upon appeal, this verdict is significant. Why…
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May 26, 2019 in Car Accident

Do I Pay Back my Health Insurance after my California Car Accident Case Settles?

You've been involved in some kind of accident, whether it is a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, or even a slip and fall accident. If you were injured and sought medical attention, your health insurance probably covered some expenses. If your injury was caused by another person or entity (like a company), then you may have filed…
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