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Massive Port of Los Angeles Public Access Redevelopment Coming

Selected re-use of old dockside warehouses as public attractions are popular, but healthy?  

One reads about these great plans for the children and almost wishes they could enjoy those joys once again with new perspective. In this case, plans have been unveiled regarding a massive a $150 million expansion extravaganza to the Port of Los Angeles. Going to the public side of things, like Ports o’ Call in San Pedro, or the Queen Mary complex in Long Beach, the Port of LA is taking the tourist step big time, outside of the cruise ship market.

One must say, the pedigree of the project is superb. Set up through marine science and business innovation group AltaSea the city quietly disclosed the plans featuring a huge 280,000-square-foot facility that comprises a sparkling waterfront esplanade, a high tech aquaculture study facility, and science center that teams up currently existing dockside warehouses with a gleaming visitor’s point and signal-house.

Three old maritime industry warehouse skeletons featuring exposed, oxidized steel beams and weathered overhead dock trusses will shelter the latest research and maritime business development amenities for aquaculture and leading edge underwater robotics activities. The project’s progress will be divided into several phases beginning with the redevelopment of old Warehouses 58 through 60, combining to contribute 180,000 square feet of useful space. This phase also involves an education building and wharfside plaza. A second and third phase will entail renovating Warehouse 57—which will provide 60,000 square feet for a laboratory and unique classroom space. Everything old is new again!

Yes, it is exciting. And this will begin soon but, with all red tape, the project will not finish until 2023. That should offer plenty of time to be cautious and thoroughly check and recheck for such silent killers as lead toxins and asbestos insulation. Protecting yourself and future generations from the dangers of mesothelioma is important. Do not assume it cannot touch you.

This is just one example. In your own neighborhood, there are probably half a dozen similar projects that may be finished or in-progress in your own neighborhood or community. They sound grand, and yes, they are. However, the little details, like asbestos fibers from old buildings, can wreak havoc to health later in time. Therefore, take time now to investigate research, question and explore the aspects of the projects in your area that may be of concern.

If you have a development in place in your area and you believe there may be a problem, don’t hesitate to inquire. We at The Ledger Law Firm are here to help.