Aviation Accidents Attorneys

Although crashes are relatively rare compared to other forms of travel, when an airplane accident does occur, the results are almost always tragic. With a steady rise in air travel, there is a growing need for airplane crash victim advocate work. Our skilled attorneys handle cases involving small aircraft, charter planes, private airplanes and commercial carriers. If you have a loved one who was killed or catastrophically injured in an airplane crash, discuss your family’s entitlements with an experienced attorney.

Aviation accidents can almost always be attributed to an act of negligence. Because getting an aircraft off the ground is a collaboration of efforts, any one of them, or lack thereof, can lead to devastation in the air. Modern science has allowed for more thorough crash investigations. Our trained investigators and forensic experts will piece through every detail of the accident to find hard evidence and attempt to determine what went wrong and why. Our personal injury lawyers work closely with the National Transportation Safety Board to establish a cause and find out if negligence was a factor.