Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed Against Texas Nail Salon

By November 29, 2012 March 31st, 2018 Personal Injury Lawyer | The Ledger Law Firm

A personal injury lawsuit has been filed against a local Beaumont, Texas, nail salon after a customer allegedly suffered from physical pain and damages.

Verna Juarez, a customer of Diane’s Nails, stated that she now suffers severe and permanent physical damage after a 2010 incident that occurred inside the salon. Although the lawsuit does not state exactly how Juarez was injured, it does state that nothing was done to rectify the situation:

“Defendants and their agents negligently allowed the creation and continued existence of this condition, so as the make defendants’ premises a dangerous place.”

Additionally, the lawsuit goes on to say that the defendants were liable for warning the plaintiff of the dangerous conditions in the salon, but failed to do so. As a result, Juarez is suing for mental anguish, lost wages, impairment, and past and future medical costs.

The lawsuit was filed in the Jefferson County Courtroom, and Judge Bob Wortham of the 58th District Court will preside over the case.

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