Pedestrian Killed in Ventura

By July 30, 2011 January 6th, 2018 Auto Accident Lawyer, Case Of The Week

California cities and municipalities enact laws to protect pedestrians from injuries caused by motorists. Pedestrians are required to cross the street only in designated areas and must wait for permission to cross the street when the roadways are clear. Jaywalking is a crime in most jurisdictions and punishes pedestrians for crossing busy streets in the middle of the block where motorists are less likely to see or quickly react to the presence of pedestrians in the street.

While the extensive rules regarding pedestrian conduct may seem gratuitous, it is important to remember that these laws are vital in protecting walkers and joggers from impact with drivers who may or may not be paying attention to the roads while driving. Pedestrians also have a duty to watch out for drivers and to make an effort to stay out of the way of cyclists and motorists. However, sometimes it is not possible to protect all pedestrians from danger and occasionally serious injury and death is inevitable.

Around 11pm Friday evening, a pedestrian was tragically struck and killed by a driver while trying to cross Highway 101 near Victoria Avenue. The driver was a 21-year old male traveling 65 mph in the outside north bound lane. The victim has not be publicly identified yet.

CHP reports that the driver remained on scene and cooperated with law enforcement to the extent necessary to review the details of the incident. The victim was pronounced dead on the scene. The driver was uninjured in the accident and did not require medical attention.

California Highway Patrol and the Ventura police department continue to investigate the incident.

Sometimes it does not matter how many legal protections are in place- accidents are bound to happen. As always, we encourage pedestrians to maintain extreme caution and alertness when walking along California’s roadways- especially at night. In addition, we urge all drivers to share the road with all pedestrians and cyclists as accidents can take place in the blink of an eye.

Never text message while driving and always choose a designated driver any time alcohol is involved. It is must easier to designate a driver than to become embroiled in a DUI or striking a pedestrian.