Over 3,000 People Die In Car Accidents In California Every Year

By June 4, 2015 December 24th, 2017 Auto Accident Lawyer

Driving is a necessary part of any day and for many a long commute is something that cannot be avoided. That begin said, there are tons of accidents that are not preventable and knowing a bit about the statistics of accidents in your area can help you understand your chances of getting in an accident each time you step out the door.

California, as one of the largest state in the United States, has a large portion of the total U.S accidents simply because of the large number of drivers that take to the roads each and every day. On average motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death in 15 to 20 year olds in the state. There were 3,081 fatality accidents in California alone with 33,808 across the nation that ended in fatalities. Rural areas tend to experience a larger number of accidents that are fatal compared to urban areas.

There is a simple enough reason for this, in rural areas there are far more places where cars can leave the road way and can collide with things like trees, rocks, and other obstacles that often cause fatal accidents. In 2005 alone, the overall cost of car accidents across the board was over $230 billion dollars. Keeping all these statistics in mind, it is quite dangerous to take to the road each day and these accident statistics do have some bearing on the overall state of driving each day.

California is also one of the spearhead states for self driving cars which have been involved in a few accidents in the past few years as well. These cars do drive themselves but the absence of a human driver is quite troubling. The best thing to do when you see one of these vehicles is to steer clear of it and watch what it is doing to prevent any major issue and any major accidents.

The more accidents that are claimed on insurance each year the higher premiums will climb across the board. This is not only to cover drivers that do have insurance of their own, but also to cover those drivers that do not have insurance coverage but that are still on the road. Drivers need to be more aware of their surroundings, with more and more drivers using cell phones while driving the chances of an accident tend to climb with the new technologies that are being put out there.

All is not lost however, with a great attorney or a law firm on your side you can get compensated for your injuries and for time lost at work that is due to an accident. When looking for an attorney you should find one that has experience in the type of legal filing that you are dealing with. This will increase your chances of a positive outcome and of the verdict going the way you want it to and need it to. This will also make it far easier for you and for your attorney to know just what is going on and know what needs to be done to get a successful outcome.

Driving is dangerous but if you pay attention to what you are doing and you watch other drivers you can be safe and you can get from point a to point b without incident or accidents.