The opioid epidemic is a very prevalent crisis occurring throughout our country today. Originating in the late 90s, doctors and physicians believed that their patients would not become addicted to opioid pain relievers. However, we see how significant the crisis has truly become and how much it affects many United States citizens on a day- to-day basis. There are many negatives resulting from the epidemic such as increased misuse and overdose on the drugs, as well as infants experiencing withdrawal symptoms due to maternal use during pregnancy. The addiction is increasingly being passed on to the next generation without realizing it. And unfortunately, more than 405 of opioid abusers were originally prescribed the drugs, and roughly 80% of those individuals have turned to harder drugs such as heroin to satisfy their addiction.

How Do These Facts Affect You

Sadly, more and more individuals are becoming addicted to opioids, and more than 100 people die every day due to the misuse of opioids. While you may think you are untouchable or the situation will not affect you because you do not show signs of an addictive personality, the opioid epidemic affecting you or someone you love is never entirely out of the question. Millions of people have been and continue to be affected every day. And though the government has increased efforts to bring the epidemic to a close, a complete end to the opioid crisis is still very far off.

However, you may be able to take action in favor of bringing justice to the situation. Many states began filing lawsuits against opioid manufacturers such as Purdue Pharma. These lawsuits are essentially claiming that the companies that manufacture the opioids are contributing to the rising cost of the nationwide spending on opioid addiction prevention services. Each case has a goal of not only reducing the number of pills available on the market but also ensuring that doctors are prescribing and patients are using the pills properly.

On top of states filing lawsuits, individual and class-action lawsuits against opioids are being filed. Victims who have been personally affected by the crisis are growing, as well as the litigants against the parties responsible. Though these lawsuits cannot bring an immediate end to the situation, the legal efforts are increasingly holding opioid manufacturers responsible for the consequences of the crisis.

If you or a loved one have been significantly affected by opioid abuse, you may be entitled to compensation by the manufacturer. The compensation won in the lawsuit can provide monetary stability towards treating and rehabilitating the victims of opioid abuse. These settlements have already lead to a reduction in the production of opioids and have allowed families to receive justice for the harmful consequences the addiction has caused.

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