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A car accident is never something that any of want to go through. Nor is it something that we prepare for. Yet, the likelihood of an American driver being in a car accident – a slight fender bender, rear-ended at a light, or even a more serious accident – gets higher and higher the more we drive.

The reality is that many of us have been in at least one accident of some sort, perhaps even more. If you have, you understand that like the cars we drive, that no two accidents are the same. The events of each accident – conditions, drivers involved, speeds, impact, injuries, costs, etc – are unique to those accidents and consequently, while car, truck and motorcycle accidents constitute a majority of the personal injury actions this firm deals with, it’s inaccurate to think that all accidents are the same, or easy to resolve. They’re not.

We all know that a truck accident is different than a motorcycle accident, and vice versa. What most drivers don’t realize is that knowing what type of motor vehicle accident may help serve insurance claims and even personal injury lawsuits. Motor vehicle accidents are most times very traumatic for all involved, drivers, passengers, even pedestrians.

Both your insurance company, and those of the others involved, will press hard to know exactly what happened, every detail, and, in fact, if there are inconsistencies in the details of the accident, insurance companies may in fact use those facts to challenge settlements and limit financial compensation.

If you’re involved in an automotive accident in California contact the Los Angeles car accident attorneys at Ledger & Associates to get help recovering the financial compensation you’re entitled to.