Did you know that in 1896, Roy C. Marks of San Francisco produced the first motorcycle made in the USA. It became what would be called the “California Motorcycle.”

100 year old bike!

100 year old bike!

Since then, millions and millions of men, women and children have enjoyed the back roads, winding streets and open highways that only travel aboard a 2-wheeler can afford. Along the way, motorcycle enthusiasts have stretched the boundaries of what motor bikes can and cannot do:

— Colin Furze made himself the worlds longest motorcycle – 46 feet – and gave it to himself for his birthday. There are only two seats on the bike and it takes about six regular-width lanes of road just to make a turn.

— According to the Guinness World Book of Records, the world’s tallest rideable motorcycle was made by Greg Dunham from right here in California. The bike stands over 11 feet tall, seats up to six and is over 20 feet long.

Fun factoids like those may be interesting to read and all, but will they help you – all of us – become better and safer riders? This tip just might:


Some equate one old motorcycle riding rule to that one about not swimming for a whole ½ hour after eating. The tip goes like this: wait 15 minutes after 1st rain to get back on your 2-wheeler. The thoughts behind it are pretty logical: motor vehicles of all shapes and sizes deposit gas, grease, oil, brake fluid and other slippery elements on the road. After the first rain, all of those juicy things that would just love to cause a motorcycle accident are at their most dangerous. If it starts to rain, maybe pull over and let the first big push pass before you hop back on. If you see an old-time biker on your travels, ask them about how they handle the rain. See if this old tip holds water! In all seriousness, while this tip might sound hokey, it’s actually a good piece of biking knowledge to tuck under the helmet. And it’s a great way to avoid unnecessary spills or even negligent accidents. The last thing you’d want to do is hit or be hit by someone in the rain and wind up in some lawsuit.


We know, we know, we know… you don’t wear a motorcycle helmet and you’re tired of being nagged about it. Okay, we know! But we’re going to do it anyways because we don’t want you to get in a gruesome motorcycle accident. According to the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) 41% of motorcycle operators and 50% of motorcycle passengers who were involved in fatal motorcycle accidents in 2010 were not wearing a helmet. With all of the technology and comfort that modern helmets provide, there’s really not a good reason to abstain.

Happy riding. Be safe!