Memorial Day 2011: DUI’s, Accidents and Fatalities All Decline

As we cautioned readers last week, Memorial Day weekend is often consumed with parties, vacations and general merriment. However, all too often Californians choose to imbibe and drive- leading to fatalities, accidents and DUI arrests in numbers unparalleled by nearly any other holiday during the year. California Highway Patrol (CHP) was pleased to report that this year’s Memorial Day weekend boasted fewer overall, statewide numbers of all types of vehicular mishaps as drivers were apparently more aware of the risk of injury associated with reckless driving under the influence.

This is certainly not to say that CHP was able to kick back and enjoy a stress-free weekend. A reported 1,367 DUI arrests were made statewide from Friday through Monday. This figure is down from 1,541 last year, however. While CHP reported 2 vehicular fatalities this weekend, neither of which was attributed to driving while intoxicated. Both fatalities were unrelated and happened in different locations.

Not every city in California experienced a reasurring decline in DUI arrests however. While state averages were down overall, cities like San Diego, which annually reports some of the highest per-capita numbers of DUI arrests in the United States, summoned 51 different drivers for suspicion of driving under the influence. This is nearly a 100% increase as just 26 DUI arrests were made in 2010. Not one fatality was reported in San Diego, however, which more than makes up for the sharp increase in DUI enforcement.

At Ledger Law and Associates, we loathe the notion of California drivers choosing to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Drunk driving can lead to far stiffer penalties than a DUI arrest. A large percentage of California highway fatalities are attributed to alcohol; not just on Memorial Day, but all year long. Drunk motorists can injure themselves by colliding with trees or electrical poles. Not to mention the increased risk of death or injury intoxicated motorists place upon innocent pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists; motorists who operate their vehicles within the confines of the law.

While we are pleased to see a statewide decline in DUI arrests and traffic incidents this Memorial Day, the numbers are still too staggering for comfort. Perhaps you have recently experienced a devastating personal injury due to the impaired driving of another motorist. As well, maybe you have experienced extensive property damage to either your vehicle or personal property as a result of a waywardly drunk driver. If you have recently experienced this type of trauma, we would love to hear from you to discuss your rights. You should understand that you have extensive civil rights if you’ve been injured in an accident.

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