Man Fatally Stabs Friend Who Criticizes Driving

By August 26, 2011 January 6th, 2018 Blog | Wrongful Death Lawyer

While we implore California motorists to urge and encourage their friends and loved ones to use caution and reasonable prudence when navigating the roadways, this incident is something we never thought possible. An Orange County man was convicted Thursday of second degree murder for fatally stabbing his friend after the friend critiqued his driving ability. Evidence suggests the incident took place after a night of drinking and a simple correction soon escalated into a rage-filled taking of another’s life- unspeakable.

The defendant, a 30-year old male, received a sentencing enhancement for his use of a deadly weapon during the altercation-turned-murder-scene that took place back in March. The murder trial took place before an Orange County jury who deliberated for nearly three hours before returning with a verdict of “guilty.”

On March 14, police found the victim stabbed to death inside his apartment around 3:30am. As the facts emerged, it became clear that the victim and defendant had spent the evening drinking together at a bar before returning home in the same car together. The prosecution set forth evidence that the defendant was driving the vehicle of an unidentified third party in a manner so reckless and defiant that the victim spoke up and told him to slow down. It was then that the defendant became so enraged that he followed the victim into his home and stabbed him repeatedly with a knife- which he later tossed into the courtyard of the victim’s apartment complex.

The sentence will be rendered in mid-October and the defendant could face a maximum life sentence.