Recently, Lyft celebrated making 1 billion trips in just a few short years. As one of the primary competitors in the ride-sharing sector, this rapid rise is a remarkable one for the company.

Here are just a few of the fun facts touted by the brand to commemorate the occasion:

  • 76 million rides to the airport have been provided
  • 500,000 rides have taken passengers to Disneyland
  • 233 million rides have been shared ones
  • 88 million rides were provided during happy hour

These sorts of statistics celebrate much of what the brand has marketed since its inception, even including the clever mention of happy hour rides. After all, Lyft and other rideshare companies have long touted their industry as capable of reducing the amount of drinking and driving. All told, this is a memorable milestone for a company who launched just a little more than six years ago in June of 2012.

With this celebration, however, comes a different understanding when viewed through the lens of personal injury law. Namely, the company has transformed the way millions of Americans choose transportation, and with this reality comes the increased risk of a ridesharing accident.

Lyft’s Growth, Naturally, Leads to More Accidents Involving Lyft Drivers

As more and more rides are provided by services like Lyft and Uber, it is an altogether logical conclusion to realize that more rides will continue to involve ridesharing drivers and passengers. This is not to impugn these services in any way, but it is instead only meant to suggest that substantial industry growth makes any car accident more likely to involve the ridesharing industry in some way.

This growth, it must be noted, is also happening rapidly. Consider the fact that Lyft proudly celebrated the 500 millionth ride in October of 2017. Less than a year later, the company is celebrating one billion trips. For its part, Uber celebrated surpassing the 5 billion trip mark in 2017. If the rideshare growth trends are any indication, it may not be long before that company celebrates 10 billion rides.

This shift in transportation also necessarily means a shift in personal injury law. Today’s personal injury lawyers need to be familiar with the nuances of protecting the legal rights of ridesharing car accident victims more than ever before. And, the need for legal representation after a rideshare accident will almost assuredly only increase in the years ahead.

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