When discussing the reasons for deadly car accidents and serious injuries, drunk driving is often discussed as a leading safety issue on the road. This is rightly the case given the harm these accidents cause. In Los Angeles, we also know that hit-and-run accidents have been a particular scourge on the Los Angeles community, with the Los Angeles Times describing the issue as an epidemic in recent years. And, distracted driving has recently had its share of the spotlight as smartphones have become ubiquitous mainstays of everyday American life.

Less discussed, however, is the frequent role traffic congestion plays in deadly accidents. This is a particularly pervasive problem in Los Angeles, as INRIX reports covered by the Los Angeles Times highlighted that Los Angeles had the worst traffic congestion in the world for 2018. This is the sixth year in the world that Los Angeles has earned this dubious distinction in INRIX’s report.

Southern California Leads the State in Deadly Crashes

More deadly car crashes occur in California than any other state in America, and Southern California is the primary reason for this tragic statistic. Los Angeles County was the most deadly county in California, with nearly 800 deadly accidents in 2016. This figure nearly triples the second-place Riverside County. And, San Bernardino County, San Diego County and Orange County round out the top five.

One of the most likely and readily apparent explanations for the unusually high number of deadly accidents in Southern California is the simple fact that congestion in the region is unparalleled.

Los Angeles County, after all, has the most people in the state and an unprecedented amount of traffic congestion. This congestion is not only dangerous and often deadly for drivers and passengers in vehicles, however.

Los Angeles is also the most deadly city for cyclists as well. And, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Data has also revealed in recent years that Los Angeles County suffered the most pedestrian deaths nationwide in 2014.

In short, it really does not matter what form of transportation you take to get around in Los Angeles County. The extreme congestion makes it far more likely you will suffer a deadly accident than just about anywhere else in the country.

As such, it is essential to speak with a personal injury lawyer who will adequately represent your legal interests whether you are a seriously injured victim or a surviving loved one who is grieving a fatal accident.

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