Los Angeles Dog Bite Lawyers

A dog bite can be a devastating experience affecting an estimated 4.7 million people each year. When a small child is attacked, the injuries are almost always severe and can sometimes be fatal. Plastic and reconstructive surgery may be needed for severe skin tears, and even with the best care, many victims are scarred for life.

With most states carrying specific dog laws, you may wonder why dog bites are so common. In many locations, the penalties for having a dog off a leash or out of the yard unsupervised are not severe enough. Some dog owners may go overboard in training their dogs to be guard dogs, actually encouraging them to attack.
The personal injury attorneys at the Ledger Law hope to promote better canine control through successful prosecution of dog owners who hurt others.
Tips for avoiding a dog attack:
  • Don’t approach a dog you don’t know without the owner’s approval
  • Don’t surprise a dog – let him first smell your hand and make eye contact
  • Don’t reach into car windows or truck backs to pet strange dogs
  • Don’t turn your back and run from a dog
  • Don’t approach an eating dog
  • Don’t wake a strange dog to pet it
  • Do not bother a dog who is nursing puppies
  • Don’t pick up a new puppy while the mom is around without asking permission from the dog owner
If you do become the victim of a dog bite, seek medical attention right away, report the attack to your local animal control office, and contact The Ledger Law Firm; personal injury attorneys who handle in dog bite cases.