Boat Accidents

Maritime accidents, or accidents occurring in oceans and waterways, can result in a wide variety of severe injuries or fatalities. Private citizens operating boats, jet skis or wave runners for recreational purposes are expected to follow local laws regarding the safe operation of their crafts. Unfortunately, too many people ignore the dangers involved and misuse their boating privileges. Careless operation or operation of a boat under the influence of alcohol are common causes of serious boating accidents.

Maritime laws exist to protect ocean and waterway workers who face unusual dangers in the water. The Ledger Law Firm handles personal injury boating accidents involving private owners, passengers, seamen, merchant mariners, fisherman, divers, tug and barge workers as well as operators, passengers and crew workers injured or killed while on the water. Whether your loved one was hurt on a cruise ship, recreational vessel, ferry, or any other type of watercraft, our skilled personal injury attorneys will help you make a claim against the party who contributed to the accident.