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Most people that have found themselves the victim of a San Francisco personal injury accident find that they are in unchartered territory. Unless you work in the legal system, you generally have no reason to understand how the system operates. Consequently, although you may know that retaining an experienced San Francisco personal injury attorney is a wise decision, you may not know what to expect from your attorney once you have retained his services. The personal injury team at The Ledger Law Firm-San Francisco has been representing victims of personal injury accidents for over a decade in the San Francisco area. In an effort to help you understand what you should expect from your personal injury attorney, the team at The Ledger Law Firm offers the following information regarding what you can expect from them if you make the decision to retain their services for your personal injury case.

The first order of business when you retain the services of The Ledger Law Firm-San Francisco is to let the defendant or his insurance company know that you are represented. From that point on you will not need to have any communication with the insurance company unless your attorney is present. In fact, if you are contacted in any way by the defendant or his insurance company after retaining counsel all you have to do is direct them to the offices of The Ledger Law Firm. This frees you up to concentrate on more important issues such as your medical treatment. It also prevents you from inadvertently saying anything to the insurance adjuster that might hurt your case.

Next, the team at The Ledger Law Firm will make sure that you are getting the proper medical treatment. Many personal injury victims are hesitant to seek medical treatment after an accident because they do not have medical insurance and are afraid of not being able to pay the bill. The team at The Ledger Law Firm will help direct you to medical providers that will work with you regarding payment or will agree to wait until your case has been settled for payment. Your medical progress will be closely monitored and progress reports will be requested to ensure that you are healing and that all of your injuries have been diagnosed and documented.

Once your medical treatment has reached maximum medical improvement, the team at The Ledger Law Firm-San Francisco will request narrative reports from your medical providers as well as detailed bills and a prognosis for the future. You and you attorney will then discuss what you feel is a reasonable settlement demand. In approximately 95% of the personal injury cases handled by The Ledger Law Firm, a settlement agreement is reached without the need to take your case to a jury trial. If, however, a satisfactory settlement agreement cannot be reached, know that you will have a nationally recognized attorney by your side. Attorney Emery Ledger has over a decade of experience fighting for victims of personal injury accident cases and has gained invaluable experience both in and out of the courtroom.

If you would like to schedule a free and detailed evaluation of your San Francisco personal injury accident case, please contact the team at The Ledger Law Firm at (415) 671-8174.

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