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If you have been involved in a Fresno, California accident and think you may the basis for a person injury accident case, you are probably wondering whether or not you need to hire an accident attorney to represent you.  The decision to hire an accident attorney is a highly personal decision and in the end only you can make the decision, Having said that, many people don’t really understand what an accident attorney does for you according to the accident attorneys at the Fresno, California firm of Ledger & Associates. The reality is that most people have no reason to understand the job of an attorney until they need one.  In an effort to help anyone considering whether or not to hire an accident attorney, the attorneys at Ledger & Associates offer the following information regarding what you can expect from an attorney if you decide to hire one for your accident case.

An attorney will play many different roles for his clients depending on the type of case they have, the severity of their injuries and the strategy involved in the case. The first thing that an accident lawyer should do for you is to relieve you of the need to communicate with anyone involved in the case. It can be very intimidating and confusing trying to talk to an insurance adjuster much less trying to communicate with a court if the need arises.  Once an attorney agrees to represent you, he should field all calls and correspondence regarding your case from that moment on.

Your Fresno accident attorney can also be an invaluable source for finding medical treatment providers that are willing to work with you regarding payment. Being injured in an accident is bad enough without having to worry about finding a doctor to treat you that will agree to wait for her compensation until your case settles.

An accident attorney also has resources at his disposal to help prove that the other party was negligent or to help prove the extent of your injuries. Not all accident cases are straight-forward. To the contrary, many accident cases require experts and a lengthy investigation before negligence (fault) can be determined. Most victims simply do not have the resources to conduct a lengthy investigation or to locate the appropriate experts to help win their case.

The most important role, however, that your Fresno accident attorney will play is confidant. Once you know that an experienced and competent attorney is handling your accident case you can concentrate on healing and getting back to your pre-accident life. The time and effort it takes for a victim to try and handle her own accident case is overwhelming in many cases. The peace of mind that comes from letting an expert handle the legal aspect of your accident will let you focus on what is most important – you.

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