As one of the leading electric scooter companies, Lime is heavily relied upon by regular electric scooter riders. Despite being just a little more than a year old, Lime proudly touted in July of 2018 that it has handled over 6 million rides on its electric scooters and bikes. As electric scooters and dockless transportation has exploded across California and the United States, an increased scrutiny is being placed on the safety of these devices.

In October of 2018, CNN reported on the frequent injuries suffered by riders and others who are injured in scooter accidents. Some of these accidents have already proved fatal. As such, it is important to understand that scooters are motor vehicles that, like any other vehicle, can cause serious injuries when human negligence is involved.

That said, public safety is also at risk when the scooters themselves have serious product defects. To this end, it is important to know that Lime has issued two defective scooter recalls in less than a month.

Lime Issued a Global Recall for a Scooter Model That Could Break Apart While in Use

In mid-November of 2018, the Washington Post reported that Lime removed one of its scooter models from every city globally. This drastic step was taken after it was seemingly discovered that Lime scooters manufactured by Okai, a Chinese manufacturer, could break in two while in use. It should be noted, however, that Okai rejects the notion that its manufactured scooters are the ones that are at risk of breaking apart on Lime riders. Lime recalled each of the 32,000 scooters that Okai sold to Lime.

Lime Also Issued a Recall on Its Segway Ninebot Scooter in October of 2018

Mere weeks before the latest news about the Okai scooter recall, Lime also issued a recall for the company’s Segway Ninebot scooters. Troublingly, it was discovered that the Segway Ninebot models were capable of catching fire due to fumes caused by the scooter’s lithium batteries. Worse, these recalled scooters were mostly used and operated in California prior to the recall.

Lime should be applauded for taking these defective scooters off the road, but these findings are a scary reminder that defective Lime scooters could result in serious accidents and injuries.

What Kinds of Product Defects Can Cause Scooter Accidents?

There are a number of ways that a defective Lime or Bird scooter could cause an accident and a victim’s injuries, including:

  • Bad lithium batteries that could cause a scooter to set on fire, as seen in one of the Lime recalls
  • Defective brakes, which can cause serious crashes if scooters traveling up to 15 mph are incapable of stopping
  • Electronics malfunctions
  • Poorly maintained tires, which can lead to accidents when there are potholes or poorly maintained stretches of road
  • A defective and damaged footboard that doesn’t safeguard the rider from falling off the scooter and injuring themselves

These are just a few of the many product defect issues that could, in theory, lead to a scooter accident. Some of these safety risks are not just potential issues since, as discussed, bad lithium batteries and similar issues have already led to Lime scooters being taken off California streets.

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