Riding a motorcycle here in Southern California can be on of the all-time coolest and funnest things to do – rising along the beach on a sunny saturday after noon, sprinting into the mountains or just cruising along the wide open highways. The freedom, the power, the sunshine, the year-round opportunity we enjoy here in SoCal to two-wheel to out hearts content.

While motorcycle riding is about as awesome experience as it gets, it does come with it’s drawbacks, risks and liabilities – especially when other drivers are involved. One of the most egregious, and common, accidents happens when a car or truck makes a left hand turn without the driver/operator properly looking to see if the space they are occupying is free and clear. What these drivers don’t do – and in a lot of cases is negligent driving – is give themselves enough time to safely maneuver before they make the turn. Some just whip into the turn without looking, without turning on their turn signal. They make themselves completely blind – especially to motorcycles that may be legally and appropriately driving right next to them. One of the primary causes of all motorcycle accidents here in Southern California is when vehicles make these turns and are blind to 2-wheelers that come up on the left side of their vehicle. Some reports indicate that more than 40% of all accidents between motorcycle and drivers. There have been many, many lawsuits filed over negligent left-hand turn accidents where 4-wheel (or more) vehicles strike a 2-wheeler during a turn at an intersection or highway on- or off-ramp.

If one of these accidents is caused by negligence on behalf of the primary driver – the auto or truck driver that has not made themselves ware of a motorcycle being right next to them as they turn – the result can be catastrophic property and personal injury to the motorcycle rider. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you should know that while a personal injury attorney will be able to help, a motorcycle accident personal injury lawyer, with the experience and track record you need to produce results, will most likely be able to give you the assistance you need to maximize your legal and financial rights.