Whether you ride casually or work every day on or a around a train, you understand the risk involved. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of steel traveling at impossible speeds is a recipe for disaster. Subsequently, the number and type of train related personal injury accidents are as varied as the trains themselves. Have you been injured in a train, railroad or subway accident? Do you need the professional help of a qualified, experienced train accident law firm?

1000’s of riders and train company employees are injured on our nations rails every day. Some are simple accidents. Some are fatal. A lot of these injuries are due the negligence of the train companies themselves or their employees.

Let’s say you are a train company employee who has been injured on the job. Was the nature of your injury due to poor training or supervision? Was your injury caused because of mechanical error? Did you breathe in toxic fumes that you were exposed to on the job? If you were injured in any way due to the negligence of your employer or willful or careless negligence of another you may be entitled to financial compensation and the best way to find out if you have a case is to contact a personal injury lawyer immediately.

Now, lets say you were a passenger on a train or subway and you suffered an injury? Maybe you fell because the train stopped short. Maybe you were involved in a serious train collision. Maybe you breathed in toxic fumes. There are many ways you could have been injures and an equal amount of ways that your injury could have been caused by negligence on the part of the train operator or an employee of the train company.

People can also suffer railroad injuries when they are traveling by train, or driving or walking near railroad crossings or tracks. Now lets say you weren’t even a passenger on the train but that you got injured because your person or your vehicle was struck by a train. Whatever the reason, if you or a loved one was injured or killed due the negligence of a train or subway, you very likely may have a substantial legal claim or what’s called a personal injury lawsuit against the train company or any other parties involved in the negligent injury or death.