Law Enforcement to Crack Down on DUI This Memorial Day Weekend

By May 27, 2011 January 8th, 2018 Attorney-Lawyer, General Legal Advice

The past few weeks have been fraught with tragedy, heartache and frustration as California motorists have been involved in quite a number of vehicular accidents, run-ins with pedestrians and traffic nightmares. With Memorial Day weekend upon us, many Southern California residents will be heading to various destination spots for some much needed R&R. Here at Ledger Law & Associates, we hope to see everyone make a safe return from the beaches and lake houses. We understand, though, that automobile accidents are a daily reality in this area and hope that motorists will take extra precautions when getting behind the wheel.

Driving while intoxicated is a widespread problem across most of California. Areas such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego are shamefully known to carry the highest per-capita rate of DUI arrests and convictions than any other area in the country. Long weekends are particularly stressful for law enforcement who are astutely aware of the dangers and increased likelihood that motorists will choose to get behind the wheel after partaking in all-day drinking at holiday parties. Law enforcement precincts in many cities across the state will be stepping up efforts against drunk drivers; including increased checkpoints and greater numbers of officers patrolling the roadways.

Fortunately, the Office of Highway Safety reports that statewide, Memorial Day fatality rates have fallen steadily over the past few years. In 2010, 368 injuries and six deaths were reported due to alcohol-related car accidents over Memorial Day weekend. This is a far cry from the 18 fatalities reported in 2009. CHP commented that this weekend’s efforts are meant to be a preventative measure, not a ticketing campaign. It is not law enforcement’s purpose to stop Californian’s (of age) from having a good time; everyone just wants to see motorists practice responsible habits and designate a driver or call a cab.

Many bars and establishments partner with companies that will provide free rides home for those who have consumed too much alcohol. To avoid logistical nightmares the next day, many services will offer to bring a second driver to safely transport the intoxicated driver who brought his car to the party. Thus, the next day both he and his vehicle will be safely, together, at home. This gives party goers no excuse to avoid drinking and driving.

Ledger Law and Associates would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. Always choose a designated driver and remember, buzzed driving is drunk driving. In addition to the massive costs associated with drunk driving, the risk to others on the roadway is just too great.

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