Latest Roadway News

By June 23, 2011 January 6th, 2018 Auto Accident Lawyer, General Legal Advice

Southern California is known around the nation as having some of the worst traffic of any metropolitan area. Only Washington D.C. compares to the congestion, fender benders and accident frequency for which the L.A. area is known. In the latest traffic news, while I-5 is getting a face lift hoping to alleviate inevitable traffic problems, other areas are experiencing increased instances of fender benders, pile ups and traffic injuries. As always, stay tuned to our blog for the latest in roadway news and information pertinent to the southern California driver.

Many Californians loathe I-5 construction projects. They are slow, tedious and tie up traffic seemingly infinitum. However, the latest I-5 construction project promises to bring increased efficiency to the L.A. area as crews are working diligently to implement a new interchange system. The project is scheduled to begin in fall of this year and cost around $380 million. Traffic flow is to be affected from Orange County to I-605 and will bring a 10-lane overpass to the Norwalk-Santa Fe Springs border. The area is currently covered by a 2-lane bridge. The entire Carmelita interchange is to be affected.

In addition, a one-mile stretch of I-5 will be widened from Alondra Boulevard to Shoemaker Avenue. The additions will add one car pool lane and one additional lane to each side of the interstate.

Sound exciting? These long overdue changes to I-5 are certainly a welcome alternative to the current situation. However, the project is not scheduled to be complete until 2015.

In other news, our area is still plagued with daily accidents resulting from distracting driving, speeding and general negligence upon our roadways. Just today, 1 driver was injured in a chain reaction in Anaheim. California Highway Patrol reported that the accident, which took place this morning, involved a three-car chain reaction in the westbound lanes of I-91. A driver of a Mercedes found himself unable to stop when a Honda in front of him came to a screeching halt. Those two cars collided and the Honda was then catapulted until a Dodge pickup truck ahead of it.

At a Costa Mesa DUI checkpoint, CHP arrested one inebriated driver and impounded ten other cars as the highway patrol continues to crack down on intoxicated driving. Checkpoints will be set up all over Costa Mesa in the upcoming months thanks to a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The individual arrested caused increased suspicion when he was seen tossing beer cans out of his window while approaching the checkpoint.